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Our IB curriculum includes a variety of challenging and rigorous courses marked by their focus on in-depth content knowledge. This is achieved through a variety of teaching methods such as, problem- based learning, inquiry, debates, socratic circles, journaling, close analysis, discussions, and student-driven labwork. The IB Diploma Candidate experience is enriched by athletics, volunteer opportunities, class trips, and other extracurricular activities.


IB Courses are offered at one of two levels; Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL). Standard Level courses are typically the equivalent of AP Courses (with exception of ab initio languages and Theory of Knowledge). Higher Level courses go beyond SL courses in scope and depth. All HL courses are two-year courses.


The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course provides an opportunity for students to reflect on the nature of knowledge, and on how we know what we claim to know. This interdisciplinary course is designed to develop a coherent approach to learning that transcends and unifies the academic areas and encourages appreciation of other cultural perspectives. The TOK course, a core component in the Diploma Programme, encourages critical thinking about knowledge itself, to try to help young people make sense of what they encounter. Its core content is questions like these: What counts as knowledge? How does it grow? What are its limits? Who owns knowledge? What is the value of knowledge? What are the implications of having, or not having, knowledge?

Theory of Knowledge 1 (semester)
Theory of Knowledge 2 (semester)


With a dual focus on Language and Literature our English course provides excellent SAT and ACT preparation. English HL aims to develop skills of textual analysis and the understanding that texts, both literary and non-literary, can relate to culturally determined reading practices. The course also encourages students to question the meaning generated by language and texts. This course serves to develop students’ powers of expression, both in oral and written communication and encourage students to recognize the importance of the contexts in which texts are written and received

English HL


IB Science courses aim to guide students through the foundations of the subject and beyond. Students will get the chance to apply their problem solving and critical thinking skills within a challenging learning environment that requires active participation.

Biology HL and SL
Chemistry SL
Environmental Studies SL
Physics SL


IB Math courses provides innovative learning experiences for intermediate and advanced students. Instead of simply lecturing, our experienced teachers guide students by helping make sense of course materials, encouraging them to ask questions and explore solutions, and promoting the use of resources outside of the classroom.


Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches SL and HL

Mathematics: Applications & Interpretation SL


Rather than just listening, memorizing, and repeating facts, this class has students discovering, analyzing, and learning from experience. Students methodically examine and evaluate primary documents and original research. Our goal as educators is to spur our students’ curiosity.

Global Politics HL and SL
Psychology SL


IB Second Languages enable students to understand and use the language they have studied in a range of contexts and for a variety of purposes. The purpose of taking a second language is to encourage, through the study of texts and social interaction, an awareness and appreciation of the different perspectives of people from other cultures.

French HL, SL and ab initio SL
German HL, SL and ab initio SL
Spanish HL, SL and ab initio SL


Theatre SL encourages discovery through experimentation, risk-taking and the presentation of ideas. It is a multifaceted course that gives students the opportunity to actively engage in theatre as creators, designers, directors and performers. It emphasizes working both individually and collaboratively as part of an ensemble.

Theatre SL

Visual Art HL and SL

Film SL and HL

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